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February 24, 2024

Join us in Pisces!
Embrace your inner dreamer and swim through your the waves of your imagination in our Pisces Zodiac Dance! Our night will be filled with flowy tunes, deep heart connection, and creative movement.Come paint on our communal canvas and

dance the night away

6:30pm Arrive & Nourish

7:00pm Opening Circle & Dance


9:45pm Closing Circle  




The Heart Center is pleased to usher in an era of dancing through the changes in planetary energies throughout the year! Each month, we will theme the ecstatic dance event with the solar zodiac shift, to honor the glyph of the new month (ie, capricorn, aquarius, pisces, etc). Music and dance allow community to come together to be witnessed in our most vulnerable and authentic expression, as an innate modality of art and healing.

Zodiac dance is built on community and connection. With an atmosphere of trust, intimacy, and open hearts, we weave movement, silliness, fun, freedom, and joy into a beautiful web of care and trust. Ecstatically dancing together as a continued practice allows us to live in celebration of an ecstatic life! 

We are deeply committed to co-creating a dance where everyone feels welcome and safe to be, a space in which we can all be free to express ourselves in dance, without judgment.

The music curated for the dance is eclectic, curated to take us on a journey through a vast landscape of sensual tempos and emotions, rich in textures, to awaken every part of our being. As a community we adventure to the ends of the cosmos and back.


The dance will offer a variety of dj’s and genres, typically starting with slow music to encourage people to tune into their bodies while relaxing and stretching to soft melodies. Then the tempo begins to pick up ,encouraging dancers to groove to rich, sexy, and sensual songs. The tempo and energy of the music moves in waves, taking everyone through several peaks and valleys, then finally slows down to bring us back to stillness at the end of the night.

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