Faith Macauley is the founder of the Heart Center, and can be found teaching classes, working the front desk, and mingling with her beloved 'heart-centered' community. She is a visionary, energy worker, and mother. Faith first found yoga in college, when she was suffering from severe emotional trauma, and discovered that her time on the mat empowered her to work through her grief and despair. She now designs classes to impart tools for healing based on breakthroughs and awakening experiences from her own journey to self-love. Faith enjoys DJ'ing  yoga playlists and choreographing inspiring flows for her students. She travels as often as possible, whether to lead retreats, "get woke", or adventure with her little family. :-)



Owen Fitzpatrick will be holding space for meditation at the Heart Center. He is the co-owner and partner to Faith, and has been learning and growing alongside her for the past three years. It is his intention to provide a warm and grounded environment for people to feel welcome and excited about their awakening journey. 

Owen is a maker and an artist, and loves to spend time in nature. Mushroom foraging, glassblowing, and playing with his daughter are among his favorite pastimes. You can find him installing art, fixing things, and helping out around the Heart Center. He looks forward to getting to know you in drum circles, sound baths, and plant medicine ceremonies to come!

Megan Clone had been living in Seattle for just 8 months when a challenging experience presented itself. She recognized the need for a spiritual practice to keep her balanced. She took an Anusara Yoga class, felt amazing so kept going back, and a year later answered the call to go deeper into the practice. She joined a teacher training at Seattle Yoga Arts, and in 2009 began teaching in order to share the gifts of yoga and support every person she encounters, as they walk the path of self-realization.  In 2018, she participated in a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Sangha Yoga, allowing her to officially complete a 200-hour certification process and register with Yoga Alliance. The understanding she has gained from all of her yogic experiences allow her to create asana sequences for a variety of bodies and abilities, addressing the needs and interests for every student. While yoga is a contemplative practice, it is also playful and light-hearted. Each class she teaches incorporates effort and ease, reflections for and from life, and creates connection to the natural as well as energetic worlds.  Her approach is an alignment-based, heart-centered flow. Yoga, Ayurveda, and Reiki are the pillars of healing she incorporates into her life and weaves into her offerings. Music, travel, and the gathering of good friends rounds out life both on and off the mat.


Birdie discovered yoga during a time of trauma, transition and transformation, as she made her way over to the West Coast. After reading an incredible book called “You Are Here,” she knew the universe was guiding her to be a teacher of the healing arts. 

She completed her 200 hour "Holistic Yoga Flow" training at "The Yoga Collective" in Venice, California. In addition, she completed 108 hours of "Bhakti Yoga" training, with her teacher Govind Das, in the Sacred Valley of Peru. 
Yoga changed every aspect of the way she lived, thought and breathed. This has led her to feel compelled in sharing the light of self love and acceptance for others. She believes it is essential for our overall health to create more space & time for ourselves so that we are able to live within present awareness and restore balance.

Her classes are fluid and sequenced to strengthen the body and heal from within. They carry the powerful energies of yang within pranayama and each asana, but also soft aspects of yin within slowing down and meditation. You might experience chanting or singing of mantras within her classes because of her love for Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Love & Devotion). Her intention is to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, loved and leaves feeling completely nourished from within. 


Sharon Barto Gouran has been practicing yoga since 2003, and teaching since 2011. Having begun practicing with primarily physical motives, she soon discovered a much deeper connection between the mind, body and spirit through breath. The sense of peace beginning to carry over from the mat into daily life was impossible to ignore. Sharon encourages both creativity and mindfulness in her classes. Acknowledging that yoga is a life-long journey, she emphasizes honoring the body for where it is in this present moment. Through a mixture of both dynamic and nurturing asana, she encourages a gradual opening of the body and quieting of the mind by honoring and expanding the breath. She does this all with a gentle sense of humor.

Angel Sta. Teresa began her meditation practice in 2015, which eventually led her to study of yoga. She infuses her teaching with the mentality that yoga is a process of physical and mental healing and discovery. Her classes are based on developing body awareness and discernment in order to nourish and strengthen oneself through asana. Through her sequences, she encourages students to find focus, balance, and ease while cultivating energy and channeling it throughout the body.

Kathrin is a world traveler who grew up in the southern part of Germany. She draws her energy and inspiration spending time outside in nature and being with her little family. Throughout her life, she was always active in multiple sports, yet still felt something was missing. It was not until her mid-twenties while spending a week in nature in Sweden, that morning yoga classes became her fulfilling ritual. Shortly after, she started practicing Ashtanga yoga and found what she always had sought through movement: the connection between mind, body, and soul. After leaving her first Ashtanga class, she felt a spark had been ignited and the practice and study of yoga have become a regular part of her life ever since. 

Kathrin's teaching is inspired by her desire to share the gifts and benefits of yoga. With warm energy, her classes focus on the connection between breath and movement, combined with a mixture of rhythmic flow and mindful holds as well as calming and meditative practices. Having her background in Social Work, Kathrin is a compassionate teacher who values an authentic connection to her students.

Tera Bucasas is endlessly curious and loves to constantly be learning. She fascinated and inspired by the interconnection between all things. While she grew up locally her interest in other cultures and places has taken her around the world.
Tera believes yoga allows us time to connect to ourselves and others in a sacred way. An opportunity to not only take care of our physical, mental and emotional selves, but a time to connect to our shared humanity. She hope's to help unravel the ideas of what yoga is 'supposed' to be, because yoga does not look the same for everyone or during all times of life. Tera creates classes that focuses on sustainability and substance, over flash and complexity. What she loves about teaching is the opportunity to connect to people, to create a space that is safe to show up, be real and continually grow together.

For Marta Searles, yoga has been the greatest teacher, a deep passion, and a catalyst for transformation. It started with a feeling of wholeness while on her mat that soon expanded off of the mat and into all parts of her life bringing growth and healing. Marta is passionate about teaching and creating the space for others to feel into their wholeness and strengthen both body and mind. Marta believes that the more we embrace ourselves and our experience, the more we can also open to others and ultimately create more compassion for ourselves and each other in our communities, near and far.

Marta’s classes are taught with heart, detailed alignment, breath, and mindfulness to observe our own experience, body and headspace without judgement. She shares mantras, mudras, yogic philosophy and experiences from daily life as inspiration for her classes. Marta’s grounding presence helps students to feel calm and supported in their practice. She is inspired by the many lessons from our Mother Earth.

Movement. Movement. Movement. For Mill Nguyen, it is all about movements that bring us back into our bodies, our original home so that we can feel at ease wherever we are in the world.

Mill was born and raised in Hanoi and moved to Washington when she was 16 - uprooted and full of confusion. Like many, she likes to say that yoga found her. She stumbled on yoga while in search, longing for something more that she couldn't yet name at the time. All she knew was the magnetic feelings of the practice kept pulling her back. She found her first love, yoga, by chance.

She received her YTT in 2015 through Open Up YTT with Danielle Day. Since then her practice has evolved many times over. She lets the season of her life and experiences determine her practice and anticipates the fluctuation.    

In her practice and her classes, she wishes to bring all that she is, all that she has to offer into the room. Whether it is the flow from her love for music, the fire of determination from rock-climbing, the fluidity from dancing, or her own quirkiness. They all come together to create Magic.