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Faith Marie

Faith is the founder of the Heart Center and can be found teaching yoga classes, leading YTT, and mingling with her beloved 'heart-centered' community. She is a visionary, an energy worker, and a mother. Faith first found yoga in college, when she was suffering from trauma, and discovered that her time on the mat empowered her to heal and evolve. She studied reiki, astrology, tantra, and shamanism through her 20s, and she now designs classes to impart tools for healing based on breakthroughs and awakening experiences from her journey to self-love. Faith enjoys DJ'ing yoga playlists and choreographing inspiring flows for her students. She travels as often as possible, whether to lead retreats, stoke her sense of freedom, or spend quality time with her little family. 

Faith loves to create and contain courses for learning and healing. Join her for Usui Holy Fire Reiki levels 1&2 training, Reiki Mastery training, Moon Village Women's Circle, The Heart Center 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training and 50-hour Yin Teacher Training.

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Rachel Burklund

Rachel began a yoga practice in 2000 for physical reasons, to become stronger and more
flexible, yet after her first class, it created a lasting impression. She could feel that there was
something beyond the physical. For years she was very committed to a Hot yoga practice,
but something shifted when she found Power yoga. Rachel loved everything about it, the
warm heat paired with strong flow connected with her on a physical and mental level.
Yoga became a way of healing, and as she grew physically, she also grew spiritually, developing a regular meditation practice. In 2007, Rachel was introduced to a style of meditation called Consciousness Meditation, which resonated with her immediately. She began teaching small group classes under the guidance of her mentor. She continued to teach weekly small group classes up until 2017 when she began teaching Meditation workshops. Her passion for meditation has helped her find a deep sense of peace and a steady rhythm in life, where she can often ride the waves of emotion without getting thrown about by the constant changes in life. Her enthusiasm for seated meditation and yoga eventually led her to become a yoga teacher. In 2015, Rachel completed a 200-hour TT at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga, and she is currently participating in Synergy Yoga’s 300-hour TT program for continued education where she has received training in Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra practices. She combines Hatha and Vinyasa styles into her yoga classes with a subtle integration of Ayurveda. She believes that we all have a spiritual knowing within, and in her classes, you will be given the chance to settle into your unlimited potential. 


Jonathan Resuello

Ever since Jonathan incorporated yoga into his life, his physical health has flourished. He values yoga over all other forms of physical discipline, as a personal trainer who has benefited from all types of exercise. The most alluring element of yoga is that it evolves into so much more. Cliches notwithstanding, there are spiritual and mental gains that become accessible as one progresses through their personal journey and examinations of the practice. For LJ, it was the meditation component that completely transformed his life. He hopes to bring to the community the same enthusiasm and prosperity that yoga has brought to him. His class will build on your physical strength and push your mental resilience to a better you!


Indigo Elizabeth

Indigo is a playful and passionate spirit who is lovingly devoted to sharing soul-enriching practices with others. Yoga has transformed her life and she now walks the path of supporting others in their own transformational journeys. She discovered her passion for yoga in college and soon realized she was destined to be a teacher. She incorporates breathwork, guided meditation and self-inquiry into her classes and intends for every class to be a healing journey back to the Self. Indigo believes yoga is a pathway to freedom and fulfillment. Her teaching style is focused on alignment of the poses as well as alignment with your higher self. She guides her students not only through the poses but through their own inner landscapes of self awareness. You can expect to move through a slightly challenging yet deeply nourishing flow in her classes. It is Indigo’s priority to create a warm and welcoming space for inward reflection and mindful movement. Join her on the mat to step, bend and twist into feelings of harmony, wholeness and transformational bliss.

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Ki Imperial 

Kristina (aka Ki)  first began her Yoga Journey in Philadelphia in 2014 with the goal of losing weight. The practice quickly changed her whole understanding of the human experience and the majestic design of the human body. She quit her job as a chemist to pursue spiritual work and has been studying various forms of healing energy modalities since. In NYC, Kristina became a 200H RYT under the lineage of Iyengar, Baptiste, Cyndi Lee, and more. She studied the Chakras in Rishikesh, India where she found healing and began studies in Mysticism. She began in the yoga room as an assistant, using hands-on assistance to help students with form and alignment. Now, she continues to study the body and different massage forms, such as CFT and Thai massage. Kristina utilizes healing arts through mediums like touch, sound, and food. She loves cooking mindful meals for retreats, practicing Qi Gong in the forest, and co-creating music for joy and healing. 


Caleb Knox

Caleb connected with yoga cross-training for surfing, noticing the postures of wave-riding evoked what he experienced in his first vinyasa flow. The mental/spiritual benefits of these practices also felt similar. Realizing yoga was a freely available source of spiritual energy, yoga evolved into a steady practice, and eventually into a fully committed love after being introduced to the Rocket sequence, and an eclectic community of its devotees in San Francisco. This free-spirited, rebellious family was instrumental in providing Caleb a safe space to truly be himself, having nearly quit yoga in initial distaste of not feeling a sense of belonging within the cliches of yoga-studio culture.

The steady practice provided gradual and profound healing of emotional patterns, depression, and anxiety. The more yoga, the more clarity, and intuition came.
Caleb began to teach after 5 years and channeled the insights he continued to receive from yoga into other healing arts such as reiki, sound healing, plant medicine, and breathwork.

Caleb also discovered Kundalini yoga and experienced a lightning bolt of increased healing and vitality. Yoga became more dynamic, and sustainable, through integrating and balancing kundalini and Astanga, both of which showed the same common medicine of removing stagnation. In 2019 Caleb went on an extended pilgrimage to India, studying kundalini and Astanga as well as Ayurveda and meditation.

Caleb's goals as a teacher are to create a welcoming and supportive community that encourages steady growth for all. He aims to honor the roots of yoga by teaching the breath as the most important aspect, along with bandha and dristi. His classes reference Patanjali's yoga sutras in order for yoga to be liberating not only physically but mental-spiritually through deconditioning of trauma and societal programming.


Amy Sherwood

Amy started practicing yoga over a decade ago when she was a stressed-out aid worker living overseas. She noticed early on in her practice that yoga was more than just exercise, it also helped her manage stress and stay centered, even in challenging situations. As her curiosity grew and practice progressed, Amy reconnected with the joy of movement through yoga, learned how to live more in her body and less in her mind, and used her practice as a reminder to slow down amidst a busy life. In 2019 Amy completed Bohemian Studios' 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training and loves sharing yoga with others as a way to pass on the gifts the practice has brought to her life. She considers yoga teaching to be a creative endeavor and draws inspiration for her classes from her teachers, her practice, and the natural world. In addition to yoga, Amy is a practitioner of insight meditation and is trained in other healing modalities including reiki and herbalism. While she is originally from Nebraska she is completely enamored with the Pacific Northwest and its forests and spends as much time as possible outside exploring and connecting with nature.


Andrea Pavela 

In Andrea's classes, expect to move slow and work hard with focused inquiries that welcome you as you are and invite the teacher within to lead. She uses physical anatomy, actions & sensations as a gateway to presence, self compassion, and growth. Her style is most influenced by Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW methodology, complimented by studies with many other respected educators of movement and mindfulness since 2012. Through teaching, Andrea intends to amplify the nourishing effects these practices have on our experiences as individuals, parents, partners, and friends.


Abbie Carr

Abbie found yoga in college and began to deepen her practice after graduating and living at home amidst the pandemic. Jagged from her political work and academia, yoga became a daily ritual of softening and self-care. It wasn’t until she relocated from Upstate,NY to Seattle that she began to integrate and share her practice with others. 

Abbie started taking classes at the Heart Center in the Spring of 2022 and shortly after began serving as a karma yogi. Her practice expanded and strengthened within the arms of the community, and is something she is passionate about cultivating and sharing with others. As a recent Heart Center 200 HR YTT graduate, you can expect her classes to be dynamic, insightful, and a warm invitation to peel back, relax, and sink deeper into yourself. 

Off the mat you can find Abbie engaging in her youth centered work, ecstatic dancing, enjoying the outdoors, and communing with her spiritual community here in Seattle. 


Mary Morrin

Mary’s soul mission is spreading light and holding space for others and teaching yoga helps anchor this mission. She is passionate about sharing her energy healing gifts and wisdom with the collective.
Mary began a consistent yoga practice in 2017 and fell in love with the inner connection she felt when synching breath to movement. The path of yoga has become one of her strongest healing modalities for moving through trauma.
Mary joined The Heart Center’s YTT in 2022 with an intention of deepening her personal practice and ended up discovering a sense of feeling at home when teaching.
In her classes you can expect themes of introspection, magic, astrology and moon phases.  Her teaching style varies from nourishing to powerful.
Beyond yoga, Mary loves plants, nature and hiking with her dog. She owns a barbering business in Tacoma and was born & raised in Massachusetts.
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