Class descriptions


Our vinyasa classes are fast paced, flowy and fun! Each vinyasa class will provide high energy music and fresh sequences to inspire creativity, warm the body and move intentionally to the rhythm of your breath. These classes are suitable for all levels, but some yoga experience is recommended. 


Hatha is a Sanskrit word that can be broken down into two smaller words: ha, meaning “sun,” and tha, meaning “moon.” This practice uses the solar and lunar energies of each breath to create strength and flexibility in the body. Each asana (pose) is held for a substantial duration, which makes it an excellent practice for beginners, or those seeking a balanced yoga practice.


Yin is a Chinese word representing the feminine or negative polarity in nature. Yin classes consist of very few postures, in which yogis may unwind into long and deep stretches to shift fascia and move qi (energy) through the meridians of the body. Think about it like a full body massage, or needle-free acupuncture treatment!


Meditation is the harmonious condition of body and mind resulting from focused attention, or concentration. Our meditation classes will offer a variety of meditation techniques, as well as the space to cultivate mindfulness, peace and community for your morning ritual and beyond.

family yoga fun

Imagine instantly feeling peace, focus and balance amidst chaos, cries, and overwhelm. In this new school/work-from-home landscape, we find ourselves facing exciting opportunities to evolve. Family Yoga Fun will explore yoga’s physical and energetic techniques to help you hone your conscious parenting skills and cultivate mindfulness within your whole family, all while practicing playfulness and having fun. This class creates a community of parents and families, encourages the sharing of experiential wisdom, and teaches how we can incorporate yoga and self-care into our daily lives -- moment by moment, breath by breath. We welcome children as our greatest teachers, and celebrate families as the co-creators of our world. Beginners, kiddos and families welcome. Be ready for anything!


Yinyasa is a fusion of yin and yang asanas: move your energy through your meridians during 15 minutes of deep stretching, and then complete the practice with a vigorous, full body vinyasa flow. Practice ends in stillness and meditation. Suitable for all levels, but some experience is recommended. Wear something comfortable that you can stretch and sweat in!

social (dis)dance!

This class takes a playful approach to traditional dance classes by covering a dynamic variety of dance techniques. We will strengthen coordination, unite with rhythm, and find the joy that exists in meaningful movement through lively explorations of ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, improvisation, African diasporic dance, and more!