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Our vinyasa classes are fast paced, flowy and fun! Each vinyasa class will provide high energy music and fresh sequences to inspire creativity, warm the body and move intentionally to the rhythm of your breath. These classes are suitable for all levels, but some yoga experience is recommended. 

Vinyasa Level 2

Are you feeling confident in your yoga practice, and ready to incorporate some arm balances and inversions? Then this class is for you! We will flow through a playful vinyasa sequence to work up to some strength-based asanas, then finish the class with deep stretches and a rejuvenating savasana.
1 year yoga experience recommended.


Hatha is a Sanskrit word that can be broken down into two smaller words: ha, meaning “sun,” and tha, meaning “moon.” This practice uses the solar and lunar energies of each breath to create strength and flexibility in the body. Each asana (pose) is held for a substantial duration, which makes it an excellent practice for beginners, or those seeking a balanced yoga practice.


Yin is a Chinese word representing the feminine or negative polarity in nature. Yin classes consist of very few postures, in which yogis may unwind into long and deep stretches to shift fascia and move qi (energy) through the meridians of the body. Think about it like a full body massage, or needle-free acupuncture treatment!


Yinyasa is a fusion of yin and yang asanas: move your energy through your meridians during 15 minutes of deep stretching, and then complete the practice with a vigorous, full body vinyasa flow. Practice ends in stillness and meditation. Suitable for all levels, but some experience is recommended. Wear something comfortable that you can stretch and sweat in!


Restorative yoga is a gentle, slow, still style of yoga that involves long, passive holds in a series of 4-6 restful poses. Yogis are often supported by props to enhance or deepen their experience and achieve a state of total relaxation and release.

Props are available in-studio, but feel free to bring your own! Wear comfortable clothes and come ready for a restful experience!


Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. Its purpose is to activate your Kundalini energy, or shakti. This is a spiritual energy that’s said to be located at the base of your spine. As Kundalini yoga awakens this energy, it enhances your awareness and help you move past your ego. Sometimes, the practice is also called “yoga of awareness.”

Yoga Strengthening

Build the strength and flexibility to confidently participate in group yoga classes. Do not worry about intimidating Sanskrit names, or being “in-shape”, to get started! Wear comfortable clothes and be ready to have fun, sweat, and stretch!

Ritual Flow 

Ritual Flow will help you find the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a flow yoga class. A slower pace allows time to refine fundamentals of alignment and more fully explore sensations. The pacing will be accessible for newer students as well as those with more experience.

Flow & Restore

Connect with your body, mind, and spirit, through a mix of movement and stillness. This fusion class will feature dynamic vinyasa to warm and sweat the body along with different pranayama practices to harmonize with the breath. For the final parts of the class, we will nurture the parasympathetic nervous system with deeply relaxing restorative poses. All levels are welcome!


Ashtanga is a very dynamic and athletic form of hatha yoga, made up of six series or levels, with a fixed order of postures. It is rooted in vinyasa, the flowing movements between postures, with a focus on energy and breath. While it is a very physical practice, it also promotes mental clarity and inner peace.

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