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50- HOUR


Join Faith for this 3 day training to immerse yourself in the benefits, philosophy, and practice of Yin Yoga. This 50-hr training program will give you the tools to confidently hold space for yourself and others through a complete system of physical and energetic healing. Course includes 30 hours of group work and 20 hours of self-directed practice. You will receive a comprehensive manual as your personal resource to continue developing your education on Yin philosophy, TCM Meridians, chakras, yin postures, and teaching tools. You will receive your certificate of completion upon submitting your log of 20 hours of additional yin practice.

Yoga Teachers, Yin enthusiasts, and healing arts professionals can all benefit from this training. This training includes an in-depth practice of the 22 main yin postures, which will be explored through the lens of physical anatomy, pranayama, meditation, and energetic movement through the TCM Meridians and Chakras. We will explore the history, philosophy, and evolution of the practice of yin yoga, and how you can make it your own. 

*Upon receiving payment, we will email you a short application. If we choose not to admit you into the training, you will receive a full refund.

**This training is not certified through Yoga Alliance. We do not uphold the validity of this company and have created a training based on the lineage of yin teachers before us, the energy sciences laid out before us, as well as our own personal experience as yin yoga teachers.

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