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We are a community of light workers, committed to anchoring the frequency of the New Earth. Together, we breathe, move, share, give, receive, grow, stretch, and heal.


The Heart Center offers yoga, movement, and meditation classes; massage, reiki, and other forms of body work; women's gatherings, men's work, ecstatic dances, cacao ceremonies, breathwork, soundbaths, retreats, and healing arts trainings.

Whether you drop in to yoga regularly as a member or occasionally come by for a special event, we are so grateful for you and the special energy you bring to our community. We love to witness you on your awakening journey as you bloom into the most divine version of yourself. And we are honored to support you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves in our wide array of offerings, not only for the benefit of our clients, but for all of the space holders who can shine their light from this space. We are honored to host healers and artists from around the local community, as well as our global community of light workers. 

In addition to our amazing classes and workshops, we have a gorgeous retail section boasting only local, handmade, and small business goods. Take home some jewelry, smudge, yoga gear, or crystals to remember your magical time here. 

For those of you seeking immersive healing, sign up for a solo retreat where you will be deeply held by the very best healers around. You deserve it!

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