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Reiki Training

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The Heart Center is devoted to spreading healing to the world. One of our favorite healing modalities is Usui Holy Fire Reiki. Offerings are guided by Faith Marie, our Heart Center founder and Reiki Master.  We offer Levels I &II, as well as Advanced Reiki Training & Mastery, over the course of the year to create access to this beautiful discipline. Trainings happen over the course of a weekend. 

Learn to heal yourself, heal others, and heal the planet. 

Reiki Levels 1&2 Description:

This training will give you maps to understand the function and flow of energy in the subtle body. You will learn to aid in the clearing, balancing and healing of yourself and others.
This training will place you into the Usui lineage for hands on healing (level 1) and distance healing (level 2). Upon completing this training, you will receive the ability to channel Universal life force energy to yourself and others as a certified Reiki practitioner.
This training upgrades your frequency, bringing up the opportunities and tools to self-heal. Reiki shows empaths how to borrow energy from the unlimited well, rather than draining personal reserves.
Whether you aim to launch a healing practice, devote yourself to a spiritual path, or learn the art of energy, this training will hone your intuition and enhance your natural spiritual gifts.
Investment $555 

Reiki ART & Mastery Description:


This course is for reiki practitioners who have completed their levels 1&2 training. This course is divided into 2 days of Advanced Reiki Training and 1 full day of Reiki Mastery.


Over the course of 3 days, we will dive deeply into self-healing, through reiki ignitions and placements, and using advanced tools for clearing and replenishing our energy bodies.



-We will learn to create crystal grids for continuous healing for our loved ones and our planet.


-We will learn to remove entities and restore wholeness to ourselves and others.


-We will study the 12 heavens and their distinct qualities


-We will learn to use the master symbols for the Usui lineage as well as the Holy Fire III lineage.


On day 3, Reiki students will be trained in how to create and lead reiki trainings for their future reiki students. At the end of training you will be a certified Reiki Master practitioner and may begin teaching reiki to others as a Reiki Master Teacher.


Course includes Holy Fire 3 Manual, flower of life cloth crystal grid, and signed Reiki Certificate upon completion.


Please contact to learn more 

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