Kanna Toguchi is a heart centered art therapist and somatic healer based out of West Seattle. Through a multidimensional and embodied approach she offers support for those struggling with unresolved trauma(s), grief, and self-limiting belief/behavioral patterns to begin thriving and create long lasting sustainable shifts for healing. She has woven her decade long experience as an energy healer and bodyworker with holistic therapy, trauma work, experience as an intuitive artist and dancer into a unique and dynamic practice that honors each individual's life experiences. Kanna's intention is to offer a safe, inclusive space so each person can reconnect to their unlimited power and potential to heal, restore and renew from the inside out and awakening to the medicine within. More info can be found at: awakenedheartwellness.com

Erin Madden is an intuitive life coach, energy worker, Seattle native and graduated from Western Washington University. Her coaching career began while studying sports psychology and coaching collegiate rowing at WWU. Afterwards she embarked on a 15-year career developing and coaching high performing sales teams. A career in sales management proved unfulfilling and she found that guiding and empowering others to be their best selves was where her talent truly lies and is the most rewarding thing she can do. The only thing she wants to sell people on ever again is their own greatness. Erin received er first Reiki Attunement July 2017 and continues to educate herself in various energy healing modalities. Her mission is to provide support and guidance in the co-creation journey of choosing love over fear, and ultimately manifesting the life you desire. Utilizing her intuition, empathic nature, training and experience, she is able to understand your individual needs and identify limiting beliefs and fears that must be healed and integrated in order to manifest a life which you are truly excited to wake up to. Erin offers sessions at the Heart Center on Fridays. Book with her at calendly.com/soulcatalystcoach

Chris Lemig, CHT is a transpersonal hypnotherapist based in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle. He has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and ritual for over a decade. Chris spent over three years studying with recognized Buddhist masters in India, Nepal, and Tibet. He offers a heart and spirit centered approach to therapeutic treatment. Through the hypnotic process he guides his clients to recognize their innate ability to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

He holds office hours at the Heart Center every Tuesday and Friday. You can find more info on his website www.truenaturehypnotherapy.com

My name is Natasa Dragas (pronounced Natasha Dragash). I am nationally certified and licensed massage therapist since 2006. I moved to America from Croatia in 1991 to escape the whole civil war in former Yugoslavia.

I received a nursing degree in Croatia(high school level) but upon arriving in America I persuaded to studied psychology and art, receiving a BFA from College of St. Catherine. St, Paul, MN. 

I have been doing intuitive massage for a long time but received a massage degree in 2006. Since then, i have been running my business in chiropractic settings. I can sense the pain right away, after talking and observing people i insist on touching them and immediately conducting the pain away. 

My style is a combination of Deep Tissue Swedish massage with Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial Balancing, Abdominal Visceral Work, Cupping massage (silicone), Hot Stones, Sport Injury and Pregnancy/ Postpartum massage. 

When is not busy running my massage business, i love spending my free time with my daughter and partner. We love to create art from day to day, we love to cook, dance, swim and listen some music. My passion is to travel to new exotic places, to dance, practice yoga, do pilates and water aerobic as well as swimming, camping and hiking with my family.

Hi!  My name is Jo-Ann Questad. I am Taiwanese American and my family immigrated to the USA when I was 14. I graduated from U of W with a mechanical Engineering degree and worked for 30 years in the corporate world. I am now retired, and feel it is finally my time to be true to myself and live my passion, and that is to serve people and improve their quality of life.

When I turned 50, my health turned for the worse. It seemed that every time I had a check up, a new health issue would arise. I spent lots of money and felt helpless while addressing my unending health issues, but everything changed when I found doTERRA in 2015. The timing was perfect: I was eager to know everything about essential oils, and I was ready for natural solutions to heal me.

As time passes, my knowledge of essential oils expands and my desire to share with people grows. I have replaced my medicine cabinet with essential oil products, and my current daily regimen is full of elaborate essential oil routines that have blessed my life with vitality and peace.

I completed the Aromatouch Technique Massage Training course in 2016 and have given this treatment to countless people interested in the power of essential oils.

I hope essential oils may change your life for the better, like they have done for me! 

My name is Melanie Burch. From a very young age I have been a caretaker and nurturer. Before I had heard of Reiki I understood that energy can heal. I intuited how to move energy and share it with others. When I learned about Reiki it felt like a natural extension of my soul.

I am Usui Fire Reiki II certified, a mother of three children, a preschool teacher, a volunteer baby cuddler at a hospital NICU, a musician and an artist.

When I meet with clients I listen to their needs through discussion and empathy and use this and my intuition to bring harmony and balance to their body's natural self-healing ability.