Faith Macauley is a light leader of the New Earth paradigm. She is a reiki master, yogi, and mother of the Heart Center and two small children. She uses a blend of reiki energy clearing and soul retrieval to heal core wounds and integrate soul fragments into your present embodiment. Using natural cycles, ritual, and the Native American medicine wheel, she teaches integrity, balance, accountability, and completion. She is a galactic activation portal for awakening to your true self. 

Faith offers in-person, phone, and zoom sessions, as well as mentorship courses for the conscious creator. Email her at to book. 


Chris Lemig, CHT is a transpersonal hypnotherapist based in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle. He has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and ritual for over a decade. Chris spent over three years studying with recognized Buddhist masters in India, Nepal, and Tibet. He offers a heart and spirit centered approach to therapeutic treatment. Through the hypnotic process he guides his clients to recognize their innate ability to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

He holds office hours at the Heart Center every Tuesday and Friday. You can find more info on his website

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 Nani Clem was born in the US from immigrant parents. She grew up conservative Christian, went through a MAJOR upheaval in the past 8 years (stillbirth, miscarriage, church trauma, over prescribed meds, affair, saturn returns, drugs, so many tears, fights and depression.) And then she was introduced to the idea of full love and radical acceptance of oneself. Game changer. In the midst of seeking comfort and understanding in many different ways, she somehow found her way home. Her experience includes coaching in kettlebells, nutrition, relationships and sexuality, and she's honored to be providing care with sound therapy, movement, tantric massage, and reiki.
Contact her at to book a session.


Owen is the co-founder of The Heart Center. He is a certified mushroom dork, with a passion for foraging, eating, and dosing them. He holds sacred psilocybin sessions for individuals and small groups, creating a safe and supportive environment for a transformative journey.

Owen acts as guide for the preparation, journey, and integration of mushroom medicine. With a deep and evolving relationship to this local plant medicine, he enthusiastically shares his passion with those who feel called to learn from them. 

Owen is an involved husband, father, glass artist, and community organizer. Contact him at to book a session!