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Faith Macauley is a light leader of the New Earth paradigm. She is a reiki master, yogi, and mother of the Heart Center and two small children. She uses a blend of reiki energy clearing and soul retrieval to heal core wounds and integrate soul fragments into your present embodiment. Using natural cycles, rituals, and the Native American medicine wheel, she teaches integrity, balance, accountability, and completion. She is a galactic activation portal for awakening to your true self. 

Faith offers in-person, phone, and zoom sessions, as well as mentorship courses for the conscious creator. Email her at to book. 


Chris Lemig, CHT is a transpersonal hypnotherapist based in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle. He has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and ritual for over a decade. Chris spent over three years studying with recognized Buddhist masters in India, Nepal, and Tibet. He offers a heart and spirit-centered approach to treatment. Through the hypnotic process, he guides his clients to recognize their innate ability to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

He holds office hours at the Heart Center every Tuesday and Friday. You can find more info on his website


Kris Shaw is a licensed Washington state acupuncturist who’s been practicing acupuncture for 25 years.  Her college undergraduate work was in the nutritional sciences at Ryerson University in Toronto. She completed her 3 years of acupuncture studies in 1984 from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture & national certification in 1986 with NCCAOM. Kris is committed to refining her allergy treatment care and works with one of the most seasoned NAET practitioners in the USA as a consultant.  When challenging allergy cases come up, Kris works collaboratively with her mentor to find viable solutions. Using acupuncture and oriental bodywork practice, Kris has treated people with all types of simple & complex challenges. For two decades, Kris’s lifelong passion has been teaching and managing two massage schools in the Pennsylvania & NJ area. Her professional life is deeply committed to empowering and bridging the gaps between body/mind healing, especially in the areas of tendomuscular injuries, allergies, insomnia, women’s health, & pediatric care.

If you are ready to move on beyond just allergy relief and symptom management, 

contact Kris to learn more about allergy desensitizing and her practice.


Kara uses a unique style of healing to enhance the expression of one’s soul and to create soul expansion, allowing clients to birth new aspects of themselves. She does this as a guide and conduit, using reiki, soul reading, and channeling. In a warm and supportive way, Kara opens the space for clients to know themselves more deeply, in order to heal the past, allow acceptance, and have an effect on those around them, as well as the collective. Kara is a Master Level Reiki Practitioner, having received her first Usui Holy Fire attunement in 2006. She loves working with all clients that are ready to fully embrace life and is particularly drawn to working with parents, as a way to care for themselves and their role in raising vibrant, valued kiddos. This work brings accelerated healing and connection on many levels and can be done regardless of being a parent. Kara is a mother of two radiant souls, a forever student, a dancing woman, and a New Moon Circle Leader for the Wild Woman Project. Additionally, she has completed studies at The Quiet Heart School of Healing Arts, is certified in White Lotus Healing, and has received training in the Akashic Records and Seraphim Quantum Healing. Book a session with her at

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Amanda was called to study Reiki to better protect and preserve her energy as an empath. Upon receiving her second attunement, she recognized that many others shared similar paths to her. Through her growth and recognition, she envisioned herself helping others who were also shut down or numb to their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies from growing up in a toxic capitalistic society.  It wasn’t until the passing away of two of her great Aunts, Kay and Anita, that she realized she needed to honor their legacies as mystics and astrologists, respectively. As a fellow black sheep, Amanda found great comfort in knowing the strength of her Aunties in living their dharma, despite the criticism of their religious family. Sometimes the hardest path we walk in life is straight into adversity with the ones we hold close. Amanda was inspired by them to start fulfilling her dreams as a healer; to guide others on their soul’s journey of rebirthing its deepest purpose. Amanda’s approach to Reiki Healing is to help individuals come back to a place where they feel whole, complete, and indivisible. Sessions are uniquely co-created with the Divine to release energy blockages, transgenerational or past-life trauma, and toxic patterns specific to what each needs most at that time. She integrates her studies in psychology, anatomy & kinesiology, meditation, breathwork, and visualization techniques to help guide practitioners to release their deepest fears that inhibit their true nature. She dismantles self-limiting beliefs that are the root cause of disease, and manifest as pain in the body. She believes that we are divinely perfect in the eyes of our Creator, yet sometimes we need a reminder of our unique journey. Book a session with her by emailing


Owen is the co-founder of The Heart Center. He is a certified mushroom dork, with a passion for foraging, eating, and dosing them. He holds sacred psilocybin sessions for individuals and small groups, creating a safe and supportive environment for a transformative journey.

Owen acts as a guide for the preparation, journey, and integration of mushroom medicine. With a deep and evolving relationship with this local plant medicine, he enthusiastically shares his passion with those who feel called to learn from them. 

Owen is an involved husband, father, glass artist, and community organizer. Contact him at to book a session! 

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