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Moon Village is a monthly gathering of womben around the new moon. It's a space to gather, set intentions and share in community under the current zodiac in the sky.


Moon Village facilitators have been carefully chosen to lead a group through an evening of desire, healing and imagination. 

We seek to empower womben to gather and provide this evening at a sliding scale so all sisters may attend. 

Community Agreements 

 Agreements will be announced at the start of each circle

We believe in the value of energetic exchange to create support for our facilitator and
our space. We offer sliding scale pricing as well as work trade opportunities in exchange
for attendance.

Our purpose is to provide a consistent and safe container for women to share
themselves and be witnessed with unconditional support, including accountability
Our rotating facilitators give the women of the village time to rest and receive, as well
opportunities to lead

Everything shared in Moon Village is confidential and does not leave the circle

Timeliness- keeping shares at appropriate length to accommodate all sisters present

Event is sober- no intoxicants before or during event

We are an all women space, ages 12 and up

Sliding scale is a means to make this offering accessible to all, and is a call for sister to
be in integrity with what is available for them to contribute.

As such these are the 
guidelines for sliding scale contributions:
$44 - Support & Sustain

$33 - Sustain
$22 - Financial Support


Our Next Moon Village: 
February 9th, 2024 
New Moon in Aquarius 

Interested in becoming a facilitator or need financial assistance?

Please email

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