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Lake Atitlán Retreat

Join the Heart Center community for a week of healing, activation, and connection at the powerful vortex of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

Join US

Faith and Owen are so excited to return to our favorite retreat center: The Yoga Forest! This is the place that inspired the creation of The Heart Center, after they led a retreat there in 2018 after Noni was born. The experience was so profound that 8 of the participants commemorated the experience with a tattoo of their Mayan zodiac sign at the end!

This time, we booked out the entire Yoga Forest for our community to come and experience. The transformative power of Lake Atitlán will hold us as we grow together in wisdom, devotion, and connection. We will learn from Mayan wisdom as we immerse ourselves in nature and practice yoga together over the course of 6 days (5 nights).  We will spend free time enjoying the sauna, lounging in the trees, hiking in the hills, and taking boats to explore nearby towns. Daily classes will be taught by Heart Center staff, including Faith, Owen, Indigo, Caleb, Kara, and Mary.

Retreat price is all-inclusive for meals (2 daily meals + snack) and lodging, and includes a Mayan Fire Ceremony and the shuttle from Antigua to Lake Atitlán. Private rooms available, otherwise your room will be shared with 1-3 others. Please request your roommate via email, or you will be randomly placed with a roommate. Retreat pricing does not include airfare or transportation after the end of the retreat. Please also bring some spending money for day trips, extra services (massages/healings), and tipping your service staff at the end of your stay.

Deposit is $333 and is non-refundable. Early Bird tickets have ended. 

Regular price (shared room): $999

Regular price (private room): $1,333

We recommend having traveler's insurance to cover you in case of a health emergency. You must have a US passport to travel to Guatemala. You do not need a visa. Upon registration, you will receive information on where the Heart Center facilitators will be staying in Antigua, where you are welcome to meet us before the trek to Lake Atitlán. We will depart from Antigua by shuttle on the morning of 4/01/24, so you may wish to fly into Antigua, Guatemala, by 3/31 at the latest.

Affordable flights available via!

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